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The Stealth holsters are a cross draw shoulder holster that are completely adjustable so to fit any caliber revolver. It holds onto the cylinder only so that any revolver will fit regardless of barrel length, scope, or red dot. Since it only holds onto the cylinder a revolver can be pulled free of the holster by pulling it back only an inch and a half.
Ultra Stealth Hunter holster fits everything from .22 rim fire up to .500 Smith & Wesson revolvers!!!!!

*** One Holster fits all sizes ! ***

Machined from black Delrin with adjustable belt and shoulder strap. Lifetime Warranty.

The Ultra Stealth can fit any revolver from .22 rimfire to .500 S&W to Magnum Research rifle calibers and has  an adjustable nylon shoulder strap and belt.  Any revolver can fit regardless of scope or barrel length.  Just pull it back an inch and a half and the revolver can be lifted free from the holster.  

Available in Right or Left hand.
Price:          $148.00 

                                       CONTENDER  AND ENCORE HOLSTERS

The Contender / Encore holster made of black delrin co-polymer comes with shoulder strap and belt and is adjustable to fit most any size.  Larger and smaller belts and straps are available upon request.   This holster, like the revolver holster, will fit any barrel length with any scope or Red Dot.   Adjustable for tension on the frame.  But it also has two more adjustments as you can see in the picture for leveling your gun to your comfort zone.  These adjustments also allow the fit for any forearm and grip that is available.

Available in Right or Left hand. 

Price:      $165.00

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